The RAPID Tour
12/12/2009 10:29:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa
It was not only a 'Rapid' tour. It was also the sis-day-out for us. After settling a few things at the Streamyx office with our dad, our adventure that day began. So, from Georgetown, we took the RAPID PENANG bus to the Weld Quay, or so-called Jetty. There we picked up a bus straight away go to Queensbay Mall.

Ok, this is actually our first time experience to travel by ourselves. We were really encouraged to use this RAPID Penang bus. I tell you, the RAPID buses really promise you the comfort and convenience services. Even the bus and the condition inside looks good and brand new. The trip went on smoothly. Thumbs up RAPID Penang!

This picture below shows how does it looks like inside a Rapid bus.

Because we were so not use with this bus trip, we did even bring along the Rapid Map. hehe~

The routes

The bus number

Ok, finally we maneged to reach QB. After watching 2 movies, My Spy & New Moon, we had our meals at Johnnys'. :)

p/s: jalan2 ni cuma nak alih perhatian dan ingatan aku kat KWD. kan aku kecewa tak dapat pegi KWD.
Tapi aku tetap ingat pasal KWD masa jalan2 ni. huk3~ :-|

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