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4/06/2008 01:09:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa

Come back again..with another story.

I'd like to share my experience with my friend, BEE, of interviewing a manager.

Actually this task of interviewing a manager is part of our coursework for the MANAGEMENT and ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR subject. 25% of the coursework mark is from this task. Heavy ryte?? huhu~~ Later on we need to submit full report on our findings from this interview session. Really have to focus.

First time after getting this project question, Bee and I google the internet and listed down several company's name around Ipoh. We would like to interview their manager. We got a few company's name that seems suitable, but the companies that are the most potential and sit at the highest rank of our list are Perak Roadways and another housing development company, Pakatan Perakbina, if I'm not mistaken.

Now, the earlier process of being professional was to prepare the appeal letter to interview the company's manager. For not being so expert as this is our first time in writing formal letter to real company, we sought help from our lovely Technical and Professional Writing's lecturer, Ms. Azelin Mohamed Nor. Thanx miss for all ur guidances.

In the process of preparing the letter, Atih suggested to us to interview Abg Arif's manager. Erm....that's it!!! Sparks. Why didn't I think about it earlier? Haiyaa~~ Interesting. This could make our job easier. So, after the silat class finished, I asked Abg Arif for his help in asking permission form his manager to conduct an interview session. He agreed. Yahoooooo!!!! One job done. Relief. =)

We set the date and time. It was on Friday, March 21st 2008 at around 4.00pm. But, one more problem....we don't have transportation. Who's going to take us there? Haaaa....luckily my lovely sister, Kak Asmat agreed to take us there. Yeehaw!! One problem settled. =D

-me in purple-

-while waiting for Kak Asmat-

On that peaceful Friday, we set our journey to Ipoh after Friday's prayer. I was informed that Abg Azuwan wanted to accompany us. Actually, he wanted to buy a pair of shoes. That's why he followed. Never mine, it doesn't matter.

At almost 4.00 pm, we arrived at Tasek Corporation Berhad. We need to get the visitor's pass first before entering. Ahaa...this is Abg Arif Mohd Zainuddin's workplace. Tasek Corporation Berhad is the biggest cement manufacturer in Malaysia. Unfortunately, we didn't have the chance to capture the plant photos as it was raining quite heavily that time. We went straight away to the main lobby and wait for Abg Arif.- Tasek Corporation Berhad-

-me at Tasek's lobby-

- Bee at Tasek's lobby-

A few minutes later, Abg Arif came and told us that his manager was on an emergency meeting. It means that we have to wait. It's ok. Abg Arif continued his works. What else we could do for the remaining time except for taking as many photos as we can, ryte? mania~~Normal for us!

- the manager, Mr. HO WAN YEW-

After one and a half hour of waiting, around 5.30 pm, we managed to interview the manager, Mr. Ho Wan Yew. He is such a friendly guy, easy-going and sporting person. I like his personality. In the interview, he always emphasized that humble is very important. His career progression starts from the very bottom. He started of becoming junior technical assistant until now he became a manager. That took him 20 years. Respect. He also said that money is not everything. That's why he is loyal to Tasek Corporation for 20 years. Wow~~

Almost 6.15 pm, the interview session finished. Mr. Ho needed to rush to one of the plants because got some problems occurred. One more thing we learned. A manager is always there when needed. That's the important of a manager.

Heeeeeeeeee~~ a big relief. Another part of our task done. After this, just need to focus on the report.- yeAy!!! -

Around 6.30pm, *Kak Asmat & Abg Azuwan* Ehem2* =P, from JJ, fetched us at Tasek and then we all went to Ipoh Parade. Abg Azuwan wanted to find a pair of shoes and Kak Asmat wanted to search some stuffs for her ETP. After Maghrib prayer, we separated. Bee & I went to Living Cabin, looking for Norky's birthday present. Funny, Bee asked me what I want for my besday present. I don't care, I said to her. Finally, she picked up a green stuff, sort of a soft toy for me. Weeeeeeeeeee~~~ like it coz green. Ahakz! =P

Supposed that we promised to go back UTP by 8.30pm, but until 9.00 pm, Kak Asmat did not call us yet. So, I sent a message to her, asking where they were. And I got this reply:

"Lor..ktorg lupe r korg..lupe r korg..kteorg nk smpai utp dh...srius lupe."

Hah...ktorg dh kna tinggal!!! That was the first thing that came cross my mind. Aiyok..."macam na nk balik ni , Bee? Dh malam...huhu..=(" . With tired fece and body, Bee and I decided to go back by taxi. But before that, we ate first at Marybrown. Huk3~~tak la sedap sangat..mahal ja lbey~ =P . Rushing. While eating, I got another message from Kak Asmat :

"Gurau je la..haha..jom2..kat kete"

DUSH2!!! Feel like choking. Waaaaa....I got TRICKED!!!!! *sigh* ~(^_^)~ FINE!!! Diorg pakat nak kenakan aku ni. Tak aci tol. Memang la aku dilabel budak yang selalu kena buli. =P Memang cepat sangat percaya kat orang...kan dh kena! Mentang-mentang la paling kecik...waaa!! But it's ok..tak kesah pun..lalalala~~

Around 9.30pm, we made a move from Ipoh Parade to McD Medan Gopeng. Not to forget, my favourite ever ice-cream, Cornetto Chocolate McFlurry~~erm..YUMMY!!! Like it so much! Almost 11.55 pm, we reached UTP. Tired but full with experience. huhu~~ But before went back to hostel, we all went to the Old Chemy Block. ada perjumpaan Ahli Tamat. Sending Bee back to her hostel, we went to PakMat. Minum2~~

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2 butterflies:

On April 9, 2008 at 4:34 PM , Husna said...

suke cornetto chocolate sundae!

p/s - mengidam la pulak..

On April 10, 2008 at 6:03 AM , eVy-D-YaNa said...


nmpknya favourite kta sama neyh...

nnt bole beli n mkn skali~~ =D

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