HoLiDaY MoDe!!!
9/27/2008 01:12:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa
It was the last day of the first half of semester. NO. It was at the same time... RAYA holiday!

hug of delight

UTP was quite empty by this moment. But we all, BIS students of my batch still have class. Correction, LAB. Lab for SAD (System Analysis Design) & OOP (Object-Oriented Programming). Need to bold a little bit for the word SAD! buat2 sedih ni sebab ada kelas lagi hari ni, budak ICT yang seangkatan dengan ktorg ramai dah balik semalam.

8.00 am - most of us are already waiting in front of the lab. Some are reading the SAD book, preparing for the lab quiz. Tapi muka semua macam dah lemau2 ja. Semua fikir nak balik dah time ni. huhu~

8.30 am - Weird. Almost half an hour of waiting, there was no sign of the lab to be opened. The terrible part was, batang hidung lab tutor pun tak nampak2...haih~ Some of us decided to go back already (dah la berapa kerat ja yang datang). But, before that....'s photo time!

BuSiNeSS InFomAtioN SystEM in action! hiyak~

those who attended that morning

the girls

requested by my coursemate, Uodom, the Cambodian guy..he wanted to snap a photo with me

Uodom- the Cambodian guy

the shoes triplet

In our course, the three of, Bee & Sab are wearing the same type of sandal but with different small little thingy on the sandals. Hehe~ Sampai Sarah gelar ktorg 'Kembar Tiga'.

with mera
with my besfren - Bee


tengah menceriakan diri sendiri

10.00 am - The remaining...8 of us only..all girls (me, Bee, Jee, Mera, Sarah, Sab,Mimi, Che Na) + 1 Cambodian guy, Piseth. The rest have gone back. Met Mr. Lukman, the OOP lab instructor. Unfortunately, the OOP lab would be running as usual. (Konon nak jumpa dia mintak cancel lab, so semua bole balik awal...alamak tapi tak dapat plak)., ktorg pakat pasang lagu raya kuat2 dalam lab (nakal kan? hehe~). Mr. Lukman pun speechless dengan ktorg yang bajet macam sedih & nak layan perasaan nak raya...eceh..pada hal coding neyh dari semalam asek error tak bole run2. Layaaan~

12.00 pm - Received call from x-SGGS's mate, the person who is kind-hearted to give me a ride to my hometown Penang. Arghh...kelam kabut siapkan coding & rush balik bilik ambil beg baju.

The journey...

Kancil @ 120kms per hour
-dalam keta masa tengah mamai dalam traffic jam..hehe-

Bertolak dari UTP dalam 12.30 pm...Ngantok2!! inside the car...felt terribly sleepy..spent the whole night do the OOP coding with Bee..(buat la sangat...huhu~). After reading a few pages of 'Hijab Sang Pencinta', I'm not so sure myself when did I fall asleep. Walaupun macam cuak sebab si kawan ni memandu laju gila, tapi dah tak dapat nak tongkat mata. ZZzzz...Haiyaaa~ Suddenly...emergency break! Adoy...terjaga tiba2 dengan terkejut sekali. I looked outside...oh NO...there was a very long queue. I'm not sure where were we right now but we were stuck in the traffic for 1 & half hour...Adoy..accident rupanya...a lorry burnt out in fire.

At last...after straight 11 weeks being at UTP, finally reached my home in 4 hours journey (suppose 2 hours if there's no accicent). Home sweet home!~ =D

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