Done but not over yet.....
6/30/2010 09:00:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa
Morning face before presenting....

Alhamdu Lillah~ Internship final presentation DONE! 
Received good feedback from both SVs. =) 

You know, I supposed to do the presentation at 11 am, but then, only at 10.15 am, I finished up preparing my presentation slides. *sigh*

...and even my UTP's SV, Mr. Jale arrived my host company at 10 am. Can you imagine how haywire I've been at that time..phew~ plus also the technical problem that I faced before the presentation itself. I can't project my presentation slides..omg. However, with the help of my kindhearted colleagues, eventually the problem solved and I presented as best as I can. Syukur.

Presentation done, but I still need to complete my internship final report...lalalalalala~ 

I still have 7 more days with my HR colleagues. My internship officially ends on 9th July 2010. Kinda mix feelings I'm having right now. So good of finishing, but I'll be missing my colleagues so much later on.

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