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Friday, 7th March 2008.

It was the last day of the first half semester of January 2008 academic calendar. Some UTPians had already gone back to their hometown yesterday. The others still continue to be in UTP, attending classes of course. Luckily, my class that day was canceled. But, there were a few works that I need to settle on that particular Friday.

The story began...

Actually, I planned to go back home with Ani (an x-skulmate of mine, now in foundation 2nd) on Saturday morning bcoz Ani need to seat for a test on Friday evening. After finishing TPW assignment the whole night with Bee, I received a message from Ani during Subuh time. She told me that there will be another 3 persons going back with us tomorrow morning. Suddenly, I remembered about JEE. She wanted to follow me to my house in Penang for this short holiday. Having a thought that Ani's car would have extra seat at first, I agreed to bring Jee back home. This was the problem actually. Ani's car would be full with 4 of us. How about Jee? No free space already. Oh My GOD!. My head went numb for a while.

I still need to settle a lot of things that morning before 8 am. TPW assignment (luckily done), family day proposal and database interface. I send a message to Jee, asking her to get ready this evening. May be we were going back by bus. At almost 8.45 am, I set my journey to the Academic Complex. First, I went to MNI's office, to meet him for his advice on database matter. Unfortunately, he was not there. So, I went to Mrs. Hazrin's room, to get her certification for the family day proposal. She is a very good-looking, nice and friendly person. Nice dealing with her. Next, I went to Building 21 to submit the TPW assignment. IRC was my next destination. A few books on DATABASE borrowed. Then, I went to JPSP to submit the proposal for approval. For the time being, I forgot about my problem just now.

I settled everything at Academic Complex at almost 12 pm. I bought some meal for lunch and went to my room. Welcome to the world of problems again. After having my lunch, I quickly contacted YEC's representative to book 2 tickets of YEC bus to Penang that evening. Unluckily, the tickets were all sold out. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ What other choice did I have???

Jee sent a message to me, what if we just go to Medan Gopeng and buy bus tickets for that evening. Yeah...may be this way works. GAMBLE. Don't care already whether it was going to be night trip or what. (I don't like night journey except if I'm with my parents. DON'T LIKE~~). Next problem arose, how we are going there?? Jee tried to ask a few of her friends, may be they could take us to Medan Gopeng. None of them were free that time. Last choice was to call the taxi. I phoned the taxi driver, wanted his service, I said. All right. I asked him too to buy tickets to Penang but he said there were no tickets left. So, CANCELLED. Now on, I started thinking of not going back home this mid-sem break.

I got 2 choices now. To go back or not to. Sigh~ The choices might look simple but for me, it didn't. I don't mind of not going back, but how about my parents? It has already been 7 weeks since our last meeting. I did not want to disappoint them. My mom, I knew although she said it was ok for me not to go back, but deep inside her heart, she was really hoping to see me. Really, my father wanted to see me as he was asking me to just go back with Ani tomorrow morning without Jee. Sound sarcastic ryte? huhu~~ Tidak boleh menderhaka kepada ibu. Tidak boleh menderhaka kepada ayah. Lessons learnt and applied. If I didn't go back just bcoz of Jee, I felt like really disobeying my parent's order. huh.

The other way round, for the sake of friendship, I just didn't want to leave Jee alone here without her house mates and friends. It was already sad for her of not going back to Miri, Sarawak. I thought that by coming along with me to Penang, would cheer her up a little bit, perhaps. I live in UTP with my friends. So, I didn't have the heart of disappointing her. Hard...arghhh...

Finally, Jee suggested what if we just go back by taxi. hohoho. Taxi from UTP to Penang. Jee called another taxi driver that have the pass to drive taxi out of Perak. Jee informed me on the phone.

Jee : Diyana, pak cik teksi tu bole hantar kita sampai Penang petang ni.

Me : Owh, ok. brapa kos teksi?

Jee : RM*00.

Me : Hah!!! WOW!!! (shocked) macam na ek? Jee xkisah ka ni?

Jee : Jee ok je. So, confirm ek kita naik teksi ni. Jee nak kol pak cik tu balik.

Me : Erm...nak buat macam mana..ni ja pilihan yang ada. ok ja la.E (sigh)

Jee : Ok, Jee gtau pak cik tu sekarang.

AT LAST, we continued this emergency plan. huhu~~ After packing up, we waited for the taxi to come and pick us up from 5.30 pm to 6.10pm. huhu...tired. We started our journey to Penang from UTP. At almost 8.15 pm, we stopped for a while at R & R Gunung Semanggol. The journey was okay with the Pak Cik Teksi whom was so friendly to us. sembang-sembang. ok la. But, one thing we couldn't stand was he smoked inside the air-cond car. OH NO!!!! (I hate smokes)

Around 9.45 pm, we reached my house. We paid the Pak Cik RM*00, sharing the cost certainly. Haaa. Relief. ALHAMDU LILLAH~. Seeing my mom smiling washed away all the sadness due to the taxi cost. Ahakz~~

-End of Pathetic story-

~ ME & JEE ~

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