3/13/2008 11:49:00 AM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa

ALHAMDU LILLAH….at last I've managed to come up with my own piece of writing, my BLOG. After getting some encouragements and motivations from certain people that think I can write, I think this is the time for me to start blogging. With the name Setitis Tinta Seulas Bicara : TALK OF A SOUL, this blog would be one way of expressing myself; describing events that happened around me, any stories of me or people around me, would be some piece of informations and motivations, and even what I thought or feel on certain issues whether they are related to me or not.

By the way...this blog would be written in either English or Malay language. The purpose to write this blog in English is to brush up my poor English and try as much as I could to use different vocabularies every time I write. However, I will still write in Malay as I am Malay. Daulatkan Bahasa Kebangsaan. That's the theme. I'll try to make this blog as informal as it could. Rilek2 sudah~~ =)

That's all for now, I guess. See you all later on in my next writing. Bubye~~
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