Aidilfitri 1 : The Maroons
10/02/2008 02:11:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa
First day of Raya...

Our family theme for this year is MAROON. hehe~ but because of last minute planning, the colour doesn't really match each other...hehe..tengok ja la gambar kat atas tu...kata maroon tapi macam-macam tone ada..ngeh3~

me on the raya morning

haa...this is my only sister or my so-called twins, Adilah
(herm..sama ek? ke mana ja ktorg pegi, asek orang asek tegur "kembar ka depa ni?" hehe~)

eVy-D-YaNa & ErY-D-La is a mirror reflection

On the first day of Raya, we have beraya at 7 houses from morning until late at night. Jangan tak tau, rumah Pengetua SGGS pun ktorg serbu! ngehee~ aaaaa....gila penuh perut time tu makan macam-macam, dah la baru abeh puasa kan. Hidangan biasa macam ketupat, rendang, nasi impit n kuah kacang mesti ada...pastu ada lagi nasi dagang, soto, roti jala dan macam-macam lagi yang tak tersebut. ah-ha~makan jangan tak makan!

The first house we all have gone is my nanny's house which is just a few houses from ours. The nanny whom we called her 'Tok Su', babysat me and my sis during our childhood time.

my nanny

This is the second house. They are also our neighbour. Izzati (wearing black tudung) is my best friend during primary school. Always went to school together. Adilah (wearing pink tudung) is my sis' friend and until now they go to school together. (nama pun sama kan...huhu~). Both of them are our childhood friend. Masa kecik-kecik dulu, ktorg selalu main sekali...lompat getah, masak-masak, anak patung, batu seremban, pepsi cola, ice water n macam-macam lagi la! Sekarang semua pun dah besar-besar. ;) Izzati is now studying in UIAM. It has already been a long time since we met each other.

Like previous year, we went beraya to my best friend house, Saaidah Nafisah. She is now living her life happily with her loved one. Tumpang bahagia!~ Me? Waiting for my Bintangku..hehe~ So, lambat lagi kot...ah-ha!

with Iedah

This 4 year's old Nada loves to sing...masa beraya kat umah tok dia (who is actually my father's friend) suka betul dia nyanyi...from 'Little Indian Boys & Girls' to 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'..sampai lagu Merdeka & Negaraku pun dia nyanyi...hehe~ Muka si Nada ni ada iras-iras orang Jepun gitu! Pandai posing plak tu..

with si kecil Nada

my sis' creativity --->

My sis really loves this photo editing. Just look at what she has done to the above pictures. ;)
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