Collision of Emotions!
4/04/2009 01:49:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa

Uh. lately I'm facing this syndrom, the collision of emotions! ahakz!~

I got irritated. Simply bcoz of the LAN internet connection in my residential college. Extremely BAD! Can you imagine life in UTP without google, gmail, gtalk n blogspot? Those sites are only able when being accessed by wireless connection. But, my room is just at ground floor, so, the chance of getting wireless connection is very LOW! Of course, it is so hard for me to find informations on my assignments and so on, to download files and to blogging. -sigh-

I do really wonder what does MPP do to handle this situation. They should become the student's rep in terms of welfare right? What actions have they taken to tackle this issue? It's been quite a time the students are facing with this internet connection problems and this give effects on our study. No actions have been taken I guessed, as the internet is getting worse. -sough-

I got stressed up. Maybe this is not too crystal clear for you all to see. But deep inside my head, already screwed up with so many things to be handled in the nearest time period. With 4 more projects to go, assignments, events and other commitment, I do really need to divide my time equally and accordingly. It's too challenging to become a top scorer. My family expectation is quite high, and this means that I need to maintain or preferrredly to improve my academis performance. sabar ja la. -sob2-

Somehow, I could feel the sense of misery. It's only a week after the mid-sem break, but I started to miss my mama, my abah, my che pe'ah and my home. This longing keeps lingering. on me -huwaa-

Luckily, I have my second family here. My brothers and sisters. Be with them, I can easily be happy, for sure. That's why when I'm in the middle of something or when I need to run from those haywires, I choose to hang around with them. Even for one or two hours makan2 at Sitik. Ah-ha! Plus, I watch movies with them. Happy. There I could find my source of inspiration, the eyes and the smile. That could keep the smile on my face, extremely sure on this! -ahakz!- ;D

So far, this is my update. My ink will stop here. =)

p/s 1 : Apa2 pun...jangan lupa senyum k... ;)
p/s 2 : Terpaksa la online wireless kat kafe. baru dapat updet blog. aduhai!~

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6 butterflies:

On April 4, 2009 at 3:09 PM , tkah said...

MPP da cube handle problem sal tenet ni.

tp kat v5 agk bermsalah dr segi structure/jnis siling kite.

bnyak gune steel kot klu x silap.

so klu kilat ke ape slalu kne sambar.

n tenet akn menjadi slow.

tp MPP akn trus cuba n cuba.

juz want to say,kite ni slalu sgt salahkan MPP.

MPP x buat keje la,ape la.

juz imagine if we become MPP.

pemimpin yg baik takkan abaikan rakyat jelata.

percayakan mereka.

On April 4, 2009 at 5:44 PM , jon jonson said...

mpp yg hampeh bukan membela pelajar tetapi sebaliknya HEP...gambaran keadaan diluar kampus

On April 4, 2009 at 10:35 PM , Airland said...

x larat nk bacer.. tp sabor je la ek? aku pn on9 kat kdai mamak je ni..

On April 5, 2009 at 2:18 PM , eVy-D-YaNa said...

mpp yg hampeh bukan membela pelajar tetapi sebaliknya HEP


On April 6, 2009 at 10:44 AM , sumere said...

same g0es wif me...huhu~~

On April 6, 2009 at 10:54 AM , eVy-D-YaNa said...

sama ek...huhu~

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