When we walked together...
6/18/2008 01:35:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa
Date : 17/6/2008

Location : Queensbay Mall

Dear friend,
When we walked together, those memories in few years back just traversed in my mind. Many things we've shared together. Happiness, sadness, any other -ness, a few conflicts & secrets. Yes, those -ness are the 'salt & pepper' in our friendship.

Don't know how I could still remember that particular night. With tears running on my cheeks, I messaged you, confessing...that I can't stand the feeling of longing towards him anymore. It had already been a week, I kept on dreaming about him in my fever. And on that particularly night also, I admitted sincerely to you...I got crushed on him. Indeed, you were the first person to know. You replied to me immediately. With comforting words, you asked me to calm down and be patient. You told me that it won't take a long time I could meet him again. Erm...it was normal to have that kind of feelings. We are teens ryte? You disclosed to me that you already knew it long time ago, since we were still schooling. You said that my actions explained everything to you, but still you waited for me to confess it myself.

What else could I say? You understand me more than anyone else. How I appreciate that. It had already been a year plus plus since that night. You are still my best friend. Thank you.



Saaidah Nafisah binti Abdul Rahim.
Erm...what's the first thing I should say about her? Iedah is her nickname. She is my best friend. I got acquainted with her when we were in Standard 5 at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Gelugor (SKSG). As day passed by, we're getting closer and closer. We started to share many things. Then, both of us enrolled in St. George's Girls' School (SGGS). A few conflicts came about but we were still friends. In Form 4, we shared the good news of being offered to enter MRSM Balik Pulau. It's already written in destiny, I was not fated to study there because of certain reasons. She proceed there, and I returned to SGGS. We were still best friends. We've grown up. She is currently studying in UiTM Sungai Petani, taking Management. And yet, we are still best friends for 1,2 3.....8 years!

For the sake of this friendship, we chose to hang out together. Luckily, this sem break is just a perfect time. I supposed that we did not meet each other for nearly a semester. Rindu la tu..heee~

We set our plan to Queensbay Mall that peaceful afternoon. As soon as we arrived, we booked the movie ticket. Still have time for about one and a half hour - ok, lunch time! Our stomach sang the untitled rhythm. kih3~ JOHNNY'S Steamboat was our choice.....boring with the fast food already. hehe~ While eating, we continued talking, storying & gossiping... Gossip?? NO, not really. This time was more on sharing session. Many things happened these few months need to be storied and shared. huhu~ Tukar2 cerita la ni kononnya. ngeee~ And the question is, If you are being admired by two guys at the same time, is it a gift or a problem? - from her story. She's so lucky!

no comment to raspberry

what was the guarantee that we could finish this 2-persons meal?

"makan, jom!!!" - hungry was rebelling

Thank You, Mr. Waiter!!!

Movie time, ayuh!!! =) ---> Incredible Hulk

can you be a little bit more handsome, Hulk?

Oh, HULK....Does radioactive will eventually turn people into monster? Perhaps the biologists/scientists would be the richest person in the world by producing the serum or so-called antidote to fight against this monster-syndrome. Well, my biology theory might not be so expert to explain this.*sigh*~ The White are always too imaginative, but respect, they are dare enough! When GOOD versus EVIL, the GOOD will have to win in the end. Erm...this concept is applicable all the time. And always, greedy is confirm not a good value. One more thing, don't let angry controls you! huuuuu~ =)

Yahoooo....time for shopping! First, we went to the Popular bookshop. Iedah bought 'Ternyata Cinta' by Damya Hanna. Damya Hanna is our favourite author of Malay novels. We've been following all her novels and 'Ternyata Cinta' is Damya Hanna's 6th release. Tadaaaaaa.....I've found 'The Chocolate Lover's Diet' by Carole Matthew! This book is highly recommended by Kak Chuna. Heee~ Also, 'The Chocolate Run' by Dorothy Koomson attracted my eyes. No more hesitation, I want to have both books. In addition, "Can't Say NO to books also!".May be I could stop eating chocolate coz too many calories already inside, but why should I stop myself from reading 'chocolate', ryte? wee~

Next station......apparel outlets. From one shop to another, at last we stopped at Padini. Iedah bought 2 shirts. Weeee~

Our last destination before going home was Living Cabin.

remember the 'green-white-pink' flower?

Iedah already knew that I wanted to buy the 'green-white-pink' flower. She insisted to buy the flower for me, as a present she said. Instead of buying one, she bought 3 flowers of same type but different patterns! All for me.....fuh, goodness gracious me. =) Thank you, Iedah!!! Love the flowers so much!

"Pooh, will you always be my best fren?"- my adorable Iedah, proposing

And, the answer is "Of course! Yesterday, today, tomorrow, ever."


up, close & cheeeeeeeeeeeese!

Since we've bought something from the shop, we snapped a few photos there as the environment was so delightful. Posing sakan....cewah! Buat2 macam kedai sendiri lak...ces~ ;P

flowers get bottled

As soon as I reached home, I settled the three flowers in the ESPrit raspberry bottle and put it somewhere in the room. =) Nice to look at.

We've a great moments together. Hope this memories cherish forever.
Lebiu Iedah!!!

Masa mendewasakan kita tapi tak mungkin memisahkan persahabatan kita. =)
Terima kasih sahabatku~
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2 butterflies:

On June 25, 2008 at 5:56 PM , Husna said...

eh dah beli buku tu ek?

my fave quote dlm buku tu :

"those who said money can't buy happiness, clearly do not spend their money for chocolate"

hahhahhaa. bes bes.

happy reading! :)

On June 25, 2008 at 9:28 PM , eVy-D-YaNa said...

hehe....on da way nk baca neyh...ada ja gangguan...
thanx kak chuna rekemenkan~ weee~ =)

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