New Year 2009
1/04/2009 09:13:00 AM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa
It's already a few days after new year 2009. Leaving all sorts of memories, experiences, happiness and not to forget the sadness. It's been really a while since my last entry in English. Viewing other people's blogs, I could say that most of them are already updated with new year entries on the first day of the new year itself. The content? Of course about their memories in 2008 with their wishes, hopes, visions, goals for 2009, bla..bla...bla..and in the end, it is all about achieving a better way of life.

And so, what about me? Still feeling astonished I guess, I could hardly believe that I'm now in the year of 2009. Too many things are gained during 2008, so the year was just like a dream that flashed around in our dream. In other word, time moves very FAST. When we woke up the next morning, it's already 2009. Life goes on. This year is going to change me into a 19 years old girl. And of course, as year elevates, challenges also elevate, right?

Ah-ha, this year is going to be my second year in UTP. Another two and a half year to graduate. The academics, the tasks and the challenges are getting harder as time passes by. The wider scope of mind and view will lift us from one stage to another stage of so-called maturity. Am I ready for that? Big question mark in my head. *sigh* Think, think...

" You do not even reach the river yet, how come you know you are not able to cross it?"

The word of aspiration that is always uttered by my Abah in my hard situations, suddenly came cross my mind. Yeah! simply to say that when we are not facing the difficulties yet, we can't just simply say that we are unable to handle the situation. Always, the saying helps me a lot to calm myself especially during the final exams period. In the end, believe in yourself, believe in your environment. Those people around who love and care for you will always there to support you. So, chill! Be Strong. This is just a beginning.

OK, enough talking about that. Like other people, for this year I've targeted several goals to achieve and I suppose it is not too late to note it here. InsyaAllah.

  1. May ALLAH continuously grant me, my lovely parents and family health and safety.
  2. May ALLAH grant my Guru Utama, good health and condition. (Hopefully, he will recover as soon as possible).
  3. LULUS in Ujian Sijil Rendah PSSCM. (InsyaAllah...mahu lulus dengan KEPUJIAN)
  4. Dean's List in this, next, next,..., next semester. InsyaAllah.
  5. Live life as happy and meaningful as possible.
  6. LOVE??? of course not now! ;P
Strong hopefully, I'll achieve the above goals! InsyaAllah.

p/s: the song Hero by Mariah Carey could be one way of motivation, perhaps. =)

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3 butterflies:

On January 6, 2009 at 9:20 PM , anak melayu said...

may ur wish come true...
u will not get everything u may wanted,but God will hear all ur wishes,and He is the most gracious most merciful...
cheers,big lady (beso dah adek2)huhu =)

On January 7, 2009 at 5:03 PM , eVy-D-YaNa said...

huhu..thanx abg kord =)
abg kord pn makin matang..

On January 7, 2009 at 6:00 PM , jon jonson said...

siggy nama kat bwh tu wat camne ek?
semoga no.1 smpi 6 tu tercapai lebih2 lg no.2

pssst,i'm back!

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