You know what I did last Christmas eve?
1/08/2010 10:37:00 PM | Author: eVy-D-YaNa
Ouh, first of all, very sorry for the delayed posting. It has been a long time since my last posting right? I've been very busy lately or to be true, very tired with all my works at the office. OK, let us put aside about the office stuff. I want to tell all of you something....


You know what I did last Christmas eve? Well, this is all about it.

Well, this was the first time in my life that I joined the Christmas eve celebration. It was the invitation from my department's Assistant Manager, Melanie Ebelle. She is actually a German's. She invited us to get into the same ambience of Christmas celebration at her condo at e-Gate. Her parents flew to Malaysia on the 23rd Dec to celebrate it here. They will also go for a long vacation after this Christmas.

We went to her house straight away from office. As you can see, she's explaining to us about the German's food. The good thing was Melanie really put her effort at making sure that all the food are Halal. At this, we did not have to worry. So, these were all the food, the main course. It consisted of home-made pasta with the gravy, fresh salad, and potato salad with light nutmeg.

#1 - home-made pasta, fresh salads & potato salad

(see, the potato salad is actually mashed potato mixed with nutmeg,
so, it does give a strange taste to our buds, but no harm trying!~ ;) )

#2 - Melanie was explaining about the food while putting it onto the plate

yeay, eating time!

#3 - This is my Department Head, Pn. Yati & her son

#4 - Cik Fendy, Adel with his girlfriend, Mona

#5 - It's Melanie, me in the middle with my SV, kak Ejan still eat!

#6 - kak Ruby and kak Ejan

#7 - "you look cute when you wear that hat, Yeap!", Adel
It's Mr. Yeap that was wearing the santa claus hat

#8 - kak Lydia & kak Allia

#9 - Melanie and her mother. She is very beautiful, they said so, like an actress!

After all the main course, we have been served with the home-made cake and ice-cream.
Very delicios, I tell you. They are really good in making them, just like what can be found at the shop.

Then, we were given this SURPRISE! At first I thought that all this below stuff were just for their gate decoration. It served two functions after all. That night, I learnt about the German culture. All the socks are actually for us, of fulfilling their invitation. To them, during Christmas, it is a time to exchange gifts, and to give gifts to whoever that come and eat at their house.

#10 - It's the Christmas socks! with chocolate candy bar inside them

#11 - Kak Ejan was untying the socks

#12 - my time! I got to excited to receive the sock because it was really cute!

#13 - All of us were very happy with the socks!

#14 - The socks

#15 - cute right?!


#16 - All of us! Cheers!~~

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